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At Boele Fire Protection, we are committed to taking care of all technical aspects. We handle everything from defining the fire safety requirements to managing and maintaining fire safety installations. Below, you will find all the steps that Boele Fire Protection takes to provide a comprehensive fire safety solution: from a fully equipped pump room to temporary prefab water supply.

About Boele Fire Protection

Boele Fire Protection specializes in supplying, maintaining, and replacing products and services in the field of fire safety, such as sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks, and complete prefab (temporary) water supply systems. With an extensive product range, we are the only player in the Netherlands capable of building a complete water supply system in-house. Through our comprehensive fire safety solutions, we fulfill our mission every day: creating a fire-safe working environment for both new and existing buildings.

From our workshop in Ede, approximately 20 employees develop fire safety products in accordance with regulations. Maintaining and renovating fire safety installations for ongoing business risk management is also an essential part of our services. In addition to addressing technical issues and performing modifications, our employees also provide advice and support for managing maintenance and operational costs.

Customised fire protection solutions

All work is carried out in-house, from advice and design to service and maintenance. Throughout this process, the operation and reliability of fire safety installations are considered during periodic checks to prevent issues."

Boele Fire Protection offers various solutions, including the installation of pump systems and water supplies, performing management and maintenance, and developing various innovations. Because each location is unique, we ensure that customers receive a customized fire safety solution for an optimal fire safety situation.

Door een uitgebreid leveringsprogramma zijn we de enige speler in Nederland die een volledige watervoorziening in eigen beheer kan bouwen.

The team

At Boele Fire Protection, there is nothing more important than our employees, the company's capital. After all, it is the employees who determine how customers experience our services. Therefore, we invest in development opportunities in the field of fire safety through the use of training and education, as well as by creating an informal working atmosphere within our open company culture.


As of January 1, 2016, the government has determined that all diesel-powered fire extinguishing installations are considered heating installations and must be periodically inspected and certified by a SCIOS-certified organization. Since 2017, Boele Fire Protection has held a SCIOS certificate and has trained multiple service technicians to become inspectors to perform inspections on diesel-powered sprinkler sets.

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Curious about what Boele Fire Protection can offer for your fire safety? Contact us by phone at or call us at +31 318-646705. We are happy to provide information about the possibilities.  

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Boele Fire Protection supplies, maintains and replaces sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks and complete prefabricated water supplies for fire protection systems.

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