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Fire safety products and comprehensive fire safety solutions

At Boele Fire Protection, we are committed to take care of all technical aspects. We handle everything from defining the fire safety requirements to managing and maintaining fire safety installations. Below, you will find all the steps that Boele Fire Protection takes to provide a comprehensive fire safety solution: from a fully equipped pump room to a temporary prefab water supply.

Comprehensive fire safety solutions

At Boele Fire Protection, we deliver, maintain, and replace new and existing fire safety installations both in-house and on-site. For every project, regardless of its size, we create a comprehensive fire safety solution that aligns with the customer's wishes and needs. If desired, a technical 3D drawing is designed prior to the project. Our employees are ready to provide advice throughout the entire process, from the development of the detailed design to the execution.

Subcontracting for the maintenance and installation of sprinkler systems

For the installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems, Boele Fire Protection specifically works for (and exclusively as a subcontractor for) installation companies. Additionally, it is possible to entrust us with various tasks, such as replacing sprinkler pump sets, reconfiguring pump rooms, and acting as an advisory partner in the design stage of a sprinkler system. Through close collaborations, you are always assured of a fire safety project that complies with regulations. 

Sales and rental of fire safety products

At Boele Fire Protection, we have a wide range of sprinkler pump sets, sprinkler tanks, source pumps, prefabricated pump rooms, (temporary) prefab water supply systems, and other related fire safety products available for rental and sale. Particularly for establishing a temporary water supply, we have various components available, from water supply systems with suction capabilities to complete pump sets with accessories. All of these products can be rented for one-time use, periodically, or for the long term.

Renovation of fire safety installations

Sprinkler systems and other fire safety installations can exhibit signs of aging over the long term. Therefore, Boele Fire Protection's employees regularly inspect and maintain them, and they renovate the main components of the installation when necessary

The tasks involved in renovating fire safety installations vary widely, from inspecting sprinkler tanks in accordance with TB67B, the maintenance guideline for sprinkler tanks, to replacing and upgrading complete pump sets. With a range of options, suppliers, and expertise, it is possible to extend the lifespan of the main components

Maintenance and technical management

The performance of fire pumps depends on preventive maintenance and technical management, ensuring that the installations remain in top condition. As a CIBV-recognized subcontractor, Boele Fire Protection specializes in maintaining fire pumps, including diesel- and electrically-driven sprinkler pump sets, water mist pumps, source pumps, and emergency generators (NSAs). Our technicians carry out this work at over 700 locations in the Netherlands, in accordance with sprinkler regulations

24/7 technical support

Maintaining fire safety installations is a crucial part of ongoing business risk management. That's why our employees are available 24/7 to address technical issues.

From defining the fire safety question to managing and maintaining fire safety installations.

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Boele Fire Protection supplies, maintains and replaces sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks and complete prefabricated water supplies for fire protection systems.

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