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Battery Power Supply (BPS)

.An important global theme is the accelerated reduction of greenhouse gases such as CO2 to address the climate crisis. Electrification is a key driver of this reduction. However, this electrification poses a challenge to our electricity grid, as the electricity grid in the Netherlands is not designed to handle both a significant increase in usage by these 'new' users and the asynchrony between the generation and consumption of solar and wind energy. For this reason, decentralized energy storage will be inevitable.

Furthermore, the application or conversion to heavy electric motors for sprinkler or water mist pumps requires the establishment of an (additional) costly electrical infrastructure. A relatively robust electrical connection/transformer and power cable will be necessary. In many cases, this makes the electric sprinkler or water mist pump a relatively expensive solution compared to, for example, a diesel-powered pump set. This drawback is eliminated by the BPS.

What is the Battery Power Supply (BPS)?

Broadly speaking, a BPS consists of a battery pack in which the energy required for the periodic test (and, if necessary, immediately afterwards also for an emergency) is stored and an inverter that turns the stored DC voltage into usable AC voltage.

Boele Fire Protection conducted extensive research into this solution, together with an inspection agency, a patent research firm and a renowned partner in the field of fire safety. The result is the BPS: a certifiable and patented power supply of sprinkler and water mist pumps as an extension to the range of possibilities for achieving fire protection in a sustainable way.

The Battery Power Supply is a fully certifiable product. In cooperation with the inspection body, the specific situation is emphatically addressed for each project. The certificate will therefore be specifically examined per project and geared to laws and regulations in accordance with (NFPA 20 A.9.1.7). The BPS further expands the portfolio of sustainable fire safety products.

How the BPS works

If the charging voltage drops (and remains off for 8 hours) due to mains failure, short circuit or no input power due to other causes (the so-called 'no load' situation), the batteries will provide the required voltage. The batteries, arranged in redundant packages, are designed to provide the BPS, should the mains supply fail or be disconnected:

  • Still remains standalone operational for 8 hours;
  • Then, for at least 60, 90 or 120 minutes thereafter, it can still feed the sprinkler pump at full power;
  • Which takes into account the expected 'aging' of the batteries over the years

The benefits of the BPS

With the BPS, power consumption is limited to the capacity needed to charge batteries and power the sprinkler and water mist pump set. The entire energy required for a test and an emergency is stored in a cabinet, making the power connection substantially lighter and eliminating the need for thick power cables and transformers for sprinkler and water mist pump sets. Investment in heavy infrastructure for an electrically powered pump set is therefore not necessary.

Maintenance and preservation

The BPS is extensively tested every two weeks, in conjunction with the sprinkler pump. During these tests, the performance of the batteries is recorded by Boele Fire Protection so that a trend measurement is possible. Besides periodic testing, the BPS is also maintained annually. We do this in the same cycle as the sprinkler pumps. Besides maintenance and inspections, we also take into account the lifespan of the batteries and replace them once every 8-10 years. 

Reference project Churchill
Meanwhile, the first BPS is on order at Churchill Tower in Rijswijk. Initially, two electric pumps, one fed by the mains and one by an emergency generator, were to be installed here.

The emergency power generator would be installed at a considerable distance from the pump room for these noise and emission reasons. Boele Fire Protection proposed to use a Battery Power Supply instead of the emergency generator. Watch the video below for an impression of this beautiful project!

The Battery Power Supply (BPS) is a sustainable fire safety solution that meets energy demand and helps reduce C02 emissions.

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