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FIRE Vision: Remote Management and Testing for Sprinkler Systems

Discover testing and managing sprinkler systems at a new level!

Switch to a smarter, more sustainable, and safer approach to fire safety. Boele Fire Protection introduces FIRE VISION, a groundbreaking solution that redefines the standard for fire safety technology in the Netherlands. As the first provider, we offer unique capabilities for remote testing and management of sprinkler systems, without the need for physical presence, at any time.

Remote sprinkler system management and testing.

FIRE VISION takes sprinkler system management to the next level, from location-based tests to efficient remote management. This provides you with 24/7 digital insight into the condition of your sprinkler system, with our experts monitoring it from an advanced central control room. This allows us to proactively detect and prevent malfunctions while maintaining the same high-quality standards as physical on-site tests. This results in cost savings and improved sustainability for your business process.

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Digital Solution for Commercial Buildings

FIRE VISION is designed to meet the strictest maintenance regulations (TB80). Previously, biweekly tests of sprinkler systems were only conducted on-site. With FIRE VISION, that's a thing of the past. Thanks to smart technical components, we offer efficient management and testing without unnecessary service visits. And also the ability to start and stop the sprinkler pump remotely and perform a full capacity test. This allows the flow test to be carried out completely without a closed discharge. At the same time, you meet certification requirements, minimize travel movements, and reduce business disruptions.

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It is a complete and equivalent alternative because we can test the same things that you would normally test physically on-site.

Easy integration and application

Our innovative solution utilizes smart technical components that can be operated and monitored remotely. With a local industrial computer (PLC) and fail-safe systems, we prioritize safety and reliability.

Real-time insight into the sprinkler system

Data is converted into actionable information for analysis and proactive action. This maximizes sustainability and reliability while improving operational efficiency.

The benefits of FIRE VISION


Reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, contributing to climate goals.

Fewer service visits

25% on-site, 75% remotely

Privacy monitoring

Data encrypted via secure VPN and 4G connection and compliant with the IEC-62443 standard.

Real-time insight

Prevent disruptions with 24/7 monitoring.

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Curious about the remote management application possibilities? Project Manager Jelle van der Giessen is happy to assist you for tailored advice. Feel free to contact him via email at or call at: +31 6 82302742.

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