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Boele Fire Protection performs successful C-inspection at Hoogendoorn MBI in Werkendam.


Boele Fire Protection recently conducted a C-inspection at Hoogendoorn MBI, a prominent company specialized in (maritime) interior construction, located in Werkendam. Hoogendoorn's activities primarily involve woodworking, emphasizing the highest priority on fire safety.

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In accordance with TB67 standards, it was determined that it was time for a thorough C-inspection of the sprinkler tank within the building of Hoogendoorn MBI. Given the nature of the activities and the need for optimal fire safety, this was considered a crucial step to ensure the safety of the property.

The sprinkler tank at Hoogendoorn MBI is located inside the building, but nevertheless, enough space was made to carry out the C-inspection seamlessly. To inspect the inside of the tank, multiple panels were removed, followed by extracting the liner from the tank. From here, an examination of the state of the water tank was conducted. During this comprehensive inspection, no abnormalities were found in the water tank. However, a defect in the suction lines was identified, and they were subsequently replaced to maintain the proper functioning of the system.

Throughout the period when the tank was out of operation due to the inspection and repair of the suction lines, no temporary water supply was installed. Instead, Hoogendoorn MBI chose to engage a 24-hour fire guard. This proactive approach ensured that fire safety in the building was maintained at all times, even during the inspection and repair activities.

The collaboration between Boele Fire Protection and Hoogendoorn MBI went smoothly, with clear communication and transparency throughout the entire process. The successful C-inspection not only identified and addressed potential risks but also strengthened the overall fire safety of the company, much to the satisfaction of the customer.

"The work went as desired. Coordination was good, and there was clear communication with us. As a result, we experienced minimal disruption from the work. Additionally, we are satisfied with how the work was carried out. I can only say that everything went well'', said Dick Hoogendoorn, Director of Hoogendoorn MBI.

After the completion of the work, the tank was refilled, and the sprinkler system was put back into operation. Boele Fire Protection also looks back with satisfaction on the progress of the work.

Boele Fire Protection supplies, maintains and replaces sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks and complete prefabricated water supplies for fire protection systems.

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