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Emergency generators

Boele Fire Protection provides emergency generators (NSA) to supply locations with electrically driven fire pump sets. The emergency generator ensures the continuity of electricity, even when multiple electrically driven fire pump sets are connected to a single power source, and the usual power supply fails.

Applications of emergency generators

When two sprinkler pumps no longer function during a power outage, the system is no longer redundant. To prevent this, Boele Fire Protection can provide two options: either equipping one pump with a diesel-driven engine or using an emergency power generator as a backup power supply.

The benefits of combining a diesel-powered sprinkler pump set with an electrically powered pump set are that the sprinkler protection is better ensured, and the system is less vulnerable to pump failure. In the case of an emergency power generator, compliance with regulations must be ensured. The drive part of the generator must meet the same requirements as a diesel-powered sprinkler pump set (according to EN12845). Other regulations regarding this application can be found in the technical bulletin (77B) of the CCV.

In some situations, a water supply system is equipped with 3 source pumps or electric pump sets with a combined capacity of 50% of the required capacity. In these cases, we can provide an integrated solution following the specified guidelines. With this solution, the first and second pumps are connected to one power source, and the second and third pump are connected to the emergency power generator. By using a transfer switch, the power supply can switch between mains power and emergency power, ensuring you always have the correct amount of electricity.

The emergency generator ensures the continuity of electricity is maintained.

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