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Management & Maintenance

To maintain your sprinkler pump set in optimal condition, it is important that the installation is regularly maintained. In addition, there are legal obligations regarding the inspection of the pump installation and the water supply. Boele Fire Protection assists customers with the management, maintenance, and various mandatory inspections.

Periodic maintenance

After commissioning your pump set, we can provide you with peace of mind by offering maintenance, repairs, inspections, and handling of any malfunctions. We can perform the periodic maintenance as required, either annually or biennially, in accordance with the applicable regulations. During the maintenance of the pump set, various aspects will be checked for proper operation. Where necessary, a suitable solution will be discussed with you, ensuring that your pump set is restored to top condition. Upon completion of the maintenance, you will receive a maintenance certificate issued by Boele Fire Protection, a supplier for VBB-system pump sets, with a certificate number registered with the CIBV.

We are available 24/7 for pump set malfunctions, and our service engineers can promptly address any issues to ensure that fire safety is not compromised. Additionally, for modifications, renovations, and revisions to your pump set, Boele Fire Protection is the right choice. We will always offer a suitable solution in consultation with you.

Meerjarig onderhoud

To ensure that the fire safety of your properties is always assured, it is important that the water supply of your sprinkler system is always in optimal condition. To demonstrate this, you are legally obligated to have your pump installation and water supply inspected periodically. Various certificates and inspections have been established for this purpose. Boele Fire Protection assists installation owners in conducting these inspections, performing any necessary repair work, and obtaining the certification. We can assist you with the following inspections:

Gedegen beheer en onderhoud is van groot belang voor het waarborgen van de brandveiligheid.

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Inspections for the water tank

The B-inspection

Every five years, you are required to conduct a thorough inspection of the water tank and its components for rust formation, damage, or any other factors that could affect the safety and durability of the tank. This involves a visual inspection of both the inside and outside of the tank. The inspection inside the tank will be conducted through a dive inspection

The C-inspectie

The most comprehensive inspection is known as the C-inspection. This is inspection is legally required as well and must be conducted once every 10 years. During this inspection, the tank needs to be completely emptied, and necessary repair work will be carried out if needed. In order to continue ensuring the fire safety of your building, a temporary water supply will be connected to your sprinkler system.

Inspections for the diesel pump set

If you have a diesel pump set connected to the water supply of your sprinkler system, you must have it certified to demonstrate compliance with the legal requirements under the Environmental Management Act regulations. This can be done through the SCIOS certificate. Boele Fire Protection is a specialist in SCIOS inspections and assists customers in this process.

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