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The C-inspection

A C-inspection for water tanks connected to a sprinkler system involves a thorough visual inspection of the tanks and associated systems to ensure they are in good condition and comply with regulations and safety standards. This inspection is legally required and should occur once every 10 years. Boele Fire Protection specializes in conducting C-inspections and assists customers with any necessary repairs or corrective measures, providing peace of mind and compliance with regulatory requirements.

What does the C-inspection entail?

A C-inspection is a comprehensive inspection that involves a thorough examination of all components of the tank. This inspection includes a review of the reports and any corrective measures taken during the previous A and B inspections. Additionally, the inspection focuses on the inspection points as described in Technical Bulletin 67b. Some of the key aspects during this check include:

  • Visual Inspection of the Tanks: This involves checking the exterior of the tanks for cracks, corrosion, or any signs of damage. The interior of the tanks is also inspected to look for sedimentation or corrosion that could affect their functionality.

  • Inspection of the Water Supply: The water supply to the tanks is checked to ensure it complies with regulations for fire-fighting water supply.

  • Inspection of Pipes and Valves: The pipes and valves of the sprinkler system are inspected to verify that they are in good condition and correctly installed. This includes checking for issues such as corrosion, leaks, and other defects.

  • Documentation Review: During the inspection, documentation such as drawings and certificates is reviewed to ensure that the installation is in compliance with regulations and safety standards.

  • Cleaning and Repair Work: This includes any necessary cleaning and repair work on the tanks. If needed, the coating or liner of the tank may be repaired or replaced.

The complete emptying of the water reservoir for the C-inspection understandably has a significant impact on the commissioning of the sprinkler system and, consequently, the protection of your building. Boele Fire Protection provides customers with a temporary water supply to ensure that fire safety for your building is guaranteed even during the inspection work. This ensures that your building remains protected during the C-inspection process..

The C-inspection is the most comprehensive inspection for your water tank, and it involves completely emptying the tank.

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