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As the owner of the installation, you are responsible for the proper, safe, and environmentally responsible operation of the installation. It is a legal requirement to periodically have the installation SCIOS certified to demonstrate compliance with the legal obligation under the Environmental Management Act regulations. Boele Fire Protection assists installation owners in obtaining this certification.

According to which scope should I have my installation inspected?

Within SCIOS, various sub-schemes are in place. The diesel pump set for your sprinkler system must undergo inspection under the sub-scheme for heating installations. Within this sub-scheme, a subdivision is made into different 'scopes' for which you can subsequently obtain a certificate. For the diesel pump set, you will need the following certificates:

  • SCIOS Scope 4: Combustion engines and turbines
  • SCIOS Scope 7c: Fuel oil pipelines.

With a SCIOS certificate, installation owners can demonstrate that their pump installation complies with legal obligations.

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What does the SCIOS inspection consist of?

To obtain and maintain the certificate, it is important to carry out regular inspections. The SCIOS inspection therefore consists of 2 components:

Initial inspection

After commissioning your installation, the first inspection must be carried out within 6 weeks. After verifying that the installation meets the design and applicable requirements, limits and inspection instructions are set. When this procedure has been carried out, a SCIOS certificate is issued.

Periodic inspection (PI)

During the lifetime of the sprinkler installation, it must be periodically inspected to ensure its safety and quality. During this inspection, safety features, any modifications and maintenance are carried out so that the SCIOS certificate can be renewed.

Is your installation SCIOS certified?

Do you not yet have a SCIOS certificate for diesel pump set? For the possibilities, please contact us via e-mail or call +31318-646705.

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