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Pump sets

Boele Fire Protection is the leading specialist in supplying, installing, and replacing both diesel and electrically powered sprinkler pumps in various sizes. Our high-quality sprinkler pump sets form the backbone of your fire protection system, ensuring a reliable and efficient water supply from your water storage to your fire suppression installation.

High-quality solutions

Boele Fire Protection collaborates with leading pump manufacturers to fabricate pump sets that perfectly match your needs. Our pump sets are customized and ready for immediate operation, ensuring a seamless integration into your fire protection system. In terms of quality and safety, our pump sets meet the highest standards, including FM, NFPA, NEN-EN12845, VAS requirements, and NEN16925.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you on finding a tailor-made solution.

Our various solutions

To ensure that we can always provide our customers with the right tailor-made solution, Boele Fire Protection works with a wide range of different pump systems.

Pump sets for sprinkler

Boele Fire Protection supplies various types of sprinkler pumps to meet the specific requirements and needs of your unique situation.

Speed pressure control

Prevent the maximum allowable pressure on your piping from being exceeded with a speed pressure regulator

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Prefabricated in our own workshop

Our pump sets and pump rooms can be delivered to you prefabricated. Thanks to the modern facilities in our workshop, our specialists are able to assemble and test the pump rooms before they are installed at your location. By conducting the work at our site, we minimize inconvenience to our customers


Several factors need to be considered when selecting the ideal solution.

Our specialists are at your service

Making the right choice among the various types of pump installations for your sprinkler system is crucial for effective fire protection. When selecting the ideal pump installation, several factors need to be considered, such as the size of the building and surroundings, water pressure requirements, the type of power source (diesel or electric), and the standards and regulations applicable to your specific situation. Our specialists are ready to assist you in making this important decision. They can provide you with tailor-made solutions that seamlessly align with your needs and ensure the highest standards of fire safety.

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Would you like to receive more information about our pump sets? Please contact us via or call us on the following number: 0318-646705.

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Pump sets

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Boele Fire Protection supplies, maintains and replaces sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks and complete prefabricated water supplies for fire protection systems.

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