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Speed pressure control

To optimize the lifespan of your installation, it's important to ensure that the pressure on the piping does not become too high. To avoid this, Boele Fire Protection can provide its customers with a speed pressure control system. By adjusting the speed of the diesel engine, the pressure on the piping will be limited, ensuring that the maximum allowable pressure is not exceeded.

The operation of a speed pressure control system

The jockey pump maintains the pressure in the system below the allowed maximum pressure. Once the main pump is activated, it will become the determining factor for the system's pressure. Some main pumps may have higher pressure at low flow than the allowed system pressure. This can be eliminated using a speed pressure control system: when the pump operates at a slower speed, it generates less pressure.

So, the system adjusts the speed of the pump installation based on the demand for water. When the demand for water increases, the speed pressure controller will increase the pump's speed to maintain the pressure at the appropriate level.

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With a speed pressure control system, you prevent the maximum allowable pressure on your pipework from being exceeded.

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