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Water Supply

To extinguish and control a fire, a sprinkler system must be equipped with a water supply. At Boele Fire Protection, we supply and install complete water supply systems for sprinkler installations. Depending on your unique situation, you have the choice of various types of water supply systems.

How does a water supply system work

Primarily, our water supply systems consist of a powerful diesel- or electrically-driven sprinkler pump and a water storage, such as a water tank or water cellar. The sprinkler pump provides the water supply for the sprinkler system from the water storage, automatically regulating the water flow. In some cases, the water supply includes multiple connections, allowing for the connection of alternative water sources, such as a fire department tank and pump unit (TAS).

During the installation of both a prefabricated pump room and a water tank, all components are interconnected, creating a turn-key fire safety solution. At Boele Fire Protection, all components are available in various types and sizes, suitable for various purposes, such as sound- and heat-insulating sandwich panels for the walls of the pump room. If desired, it is possible to provide the spaces with a customized design to give them an architectural appearance.

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A tailor-made solution

The choice of a water supply depends on various factors, such as the required water capacity, the type of water reservoir, the number of pumps, the type of pump, and the installation components for the sprinkler system. Our specialists assess your unique situation and discuss the options with you. Boele Fire Protection offers a wide range of possibilities for the complete water supply, from water storage to pump systems.

At Boele Fire Protection, we supply and install complete water supplies for sprinkler systems.


Temporary water supplies

If the water supply to your outdoor sprinkler system is temporarily shut off due to maintenance or temporary work, a temporary water supply offers the ideal solution to ensure your fire safety.

Underground water supplies

Developinging compact underground water supply systems, such as water cellars, provides a solution for locations with limited above-ground space.

Above-ground water supplies

In new construction projects with enough space, above-ground water supply systems are used, which can meet various material requirements according to customer preferences.

Water supply maintenance

Since 2019, it has been mandatory for sprinkler systems to perform maintenance on pump sets and water storage (TB80) to ensure that the water supply is free from contamination and reliable at all times. Maintenance requirements also apply to water storage tanks (TB67B).

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Boele Fire Protection supplies, maintains and replaces sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks and complete prefabricated water supplies for fire protection systems.

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