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Above-ground water supply

An above-ground water supply is used in new construction projects where sufficient space is available. These water supplies can be made from various types of materials based on customer needs. They are available in various configurations and suitable for different applications. At Boele Fire Protection, we are happy to provide advice on the possibilities tailored to the customer's wishes and needs.

Steel water tank

A steel water tank plays a crucial role in sprinkler systems. These tanks provide a substantial water supply for effective fire fighting and serve as an independent water source. The customization options make these steel sprinkler tanks a popular solution.

Thanks to its customizable options, the steel water tank is a popular choice as a water storage method.

The concrete water tank helps reduce the chances of corrosion and wear.

Concrete water tank

The choice of a concrete water tank offers many advantages in terms of durability and maintenance. This is because the tank is less susceptible to corrosion and wear. This makes a significant difference in terms of maintenance and inspection compared to a steel water tank

Plastic water tank

A plastic water tank is a sustainable solution for storing water for your sprinkler system. In addition, plastic water tanks are lightweight, easy to install and maintain, and are available in various sizes and shapes to meet the specific requirements of each building.

The plastic water tank is a lightweight solution with sustainable benefits


Would you like to receive more information about the possibilities on above-ground water supplies? Please contact us via info@bfp.nl or call us on the following number: 0318-646705.

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