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Concrete water tank

In collaboration with our suppliers, Boele Fire Protection provides concrete sprinkler tanks. A concrete water tank is an above-ground water supply connected to a sprinkler system and serves as large- or small-scale water storage. It is an alternative to the steel water tank and is characterized by the absence of corrosion formation. With this delivery, we are taking an innovative step in the fire safety industry.

Roof structure of the concrete water tank

At business locations, our suppliers install the wall of the water tank. The employees of Boele Fire Protection take care of the roof and the necessary connections during construction, such as the manhole, the narrow access opening to the water tank, and the suction connections of the water tank. Since the roof structure does not comply with sprinkler regulations, we manufacture the steel roofs ourselves in our workshop in Ede. The steel cables around the water tank provide stability, ensuring a well-functioning water reservoir.

In addition to a steel roof, a water tank with an aluminum roof is also possible, identical to the roof structure of decades ago (with regard to FM-approved tanks). The combination of a concrete wall and a custom-made roof structure represents a new development.

It is an alternative to the steel water tank and is characterized by the absence of corrosion.

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