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Steel water tank

The water consumption of a sprinkler system is so extreme that in most cases, a drinking water pipeline cannot supply the required amount of fire-fighting water for 60 to 90 minutes. Therefore, fire-fighting water can be stored in a steel water tank, which Boele Fire Protection can supply and maintain.

A custom made steel water tank for your situation

As a representative of Franklink Hodge, we supply, maintain, and renovate cylindrical and rectangular steel water tanks for sprinkler and fire protection systems. These steel fire water tanks can be customized to meet your needs and preferences. The steel water tanks are prefabricated and assembled on-site by our technicians.

Installation of a steel water tank

A steel water tank for a sprinkler system is assembled using hydraulic jacks at the tank foundation. The video below shows how the construction takes place on-site 

Boele Fire Protection can handle the installation, renovation, and maintenance of steel water tanks for you.

Maintenance and renovation of a steel water tank

It is a legal requirement to periodically have a tank inspection, and Boele Fire Protection can assist on this matter. We carry out various maintenance and renovation works. In case of severe problems, we can disassemble the tank, refurbish the foundation, and replace it with a new tank. We also provide this as an integrated solution, along with the installation of a temporary water supply. The steel components in the tanks are coated with epoxy, eliminating the large-scale corrosion issues. 

We can perform various types of tank inspections, including A-inspection, B-inspection, C1, and C2 inspections with pre-inspection. It is also possible to carry out a complete renovation or to seal, clean, or coat a part of the water tank.

Boele Fire Protection supports customers with the legally required periodic inspections

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Boele Fire Protection supplies, maintains and replaces sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks and complete prefabricated water supplies for fire protection systems.

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