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Temporary water supply

If the water supply of your sprinkler system is temporarily deactivated due to maintenance or occasional work, it's important to ensure that fire safety is maintained without any issues! At Boele Fire Protection, we understand the importance of business continuity. Therefore, we offer a suitable solution with our temporary water supply.

Why a temporary water supply?

During maintenance checks, such as the C-inspection, it is sometimes necessary to empty the water reservoir and temporarily deactivate the system. Our temporary water supply, equipped with 42m3, 120m3, 250m3, or 800m3 basins, along with an optional pump room, ensures that your business processes can continue uninterrupted.

A systematic approach guarantees that your installation remains in nominal condition during the work. Whether it's a temporary replacement during inspections or extended periods of deactivation, with our flexible temporary water supplies, we are able to offer customers a customized solution. All temporary water supplies can be rented from Boele Fire Protection for one-time, periodic, or long-term use.

Our specialists can deliver the temporary water supply to virtually any desired location. Thanks to our experience and efficient approach to installing a temporary water supply, tasks such as a C-inspection can still be carried out seamlessly.

When a sprinkler system needs maintenance checks (A, B and C inspections), a temporary water supply is often deployed.

Wanneer een sprinklerinstallatie onderhoudscontroles nodig heeft (A-, B- en C-controles), wordt er vaak een tijdelijke watervoorziening ingezet.

Pipework temporary water supply

To utilize a temporary water supply, it is essential that the piping around the installation is in good condition, allowing a sprinkler pump to be connected to it. For this purpose, it is crucial to conduct periodic pipe inspections to ensure the system's reliability. By making optimal use of the piping, both assembly time is reduced and transport movements are limited.

Mobile water supply

In order to provide our customers with a temporary water supply quickly and without disruptions, Boele Fire Protection has developed an innovation. Our mobile pump room and water reservoir, named Zeus & Neptune, are easy to transport and connect to each other, making the water supply easily deployable. You can read more about the benefits and capabilities of this mobile water supply here.

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