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Mobile water supply

Our mobile water supply, called Zeus & Neptune, is a temporary water supply that allows business processes to continue running when the sprinkler system is out of operation. This water supply consists of a 120 m3 water reservoir measuring 3.5 meters wide, 3 meters high, and 12 meters long, providing the required water capacity storage.

Because the detachable pump room is connected to a water supply, business risks can be reduced with a temporary fire safety solution. This detachable pump room is equipped with a 2500 USG powered diesel pump set. It can also be connected to a water supply of 1000m3, 1250m3, or 1500m3. Since all the work can be carried out by Boele Fire Protection, a turn-key solution can be achieved.

Benefits of the temporary water supply

This temporary water supply can easily stabilize itself using hydraulic legs, making it easily transportable. Thanks to its versatile applications, the temporary fire safety solution is user-friendly and adaptable to any situation. This fire safety solution also features several innovations, such as remote management, allowing the pump set to be monitored at any desired time, and a pressure speed controller, enabling the regulation of the pump's pressure.

Pressure control temporary water supply

Another innovation in the field of temporary water supply is the pressure speed controller. This controller can be retrofitted to any diesel-powered pump set, allowing the regulation of the pump's maximum pressure. By adjusting the speed, it is possible to achieve the desired maximum pressure of the pump set.

A temporary water supply ensures fire safety while the original water supply is out of service.

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