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Underground water supply

The design of an underground water supply, such as a water tank, is becoming increasingly compact. This is because businesses have less space for an above-ground water supply. At Boele Fire Protection, we supply various types of underground water supplies from the Tubao brand for new construction projects.

Applications underground water supply

There are various types of underground water supplies, such as a structural water cellar or an underground sprinkler water supply. A structural cellar stores the required water capacity for a sprinkler system. These water supplies are available in various sizes and suitable for different purposes. All water supplies are delivered in parts and welded together on-site."

Underground cylindrical tank

One of the underground water supplies often provided by Boele Fire Protection is an underground cylindrical tank made of HDPE plastic. The pipes of this water supply are available with a diameter of up to 3.2 meters and can be assembled in sections of approximately 20 meters in length. This allows for an unlimited amount of firefighting water to be stored underground. For example, 600m3 of water in a composite pipe of approximately 80 meters (or 2 x 40 meters). It is also possible to lay multiple pipes side by side and connect them. Due to the extremely strong round shape and a minimum ground cover of approximately 1 meter, heavy traffic above the tanks is easily possible, making the area above the tanks suitable for parking, access roads, or similar purposes.


Liners in the water cellar

A waterproof liner takes into account the waterproofing in a structural cellar and ensures that the spaces of a rainwater cellar are suitable for use. By, among other things, installing new walls, it is possible to create a waterproof rainwater cellar. In addition to straight walls, it is also possible to attach a sloping upper wall.

Benefits of an underground water supply"

An underground water supply offers several advantages, such as significant space savings. Additionally, the plastic pipes are highly durable, completely corrosion-resistant, and 100% recyclable. This makes an underground water supply a sustainable fire safety solution, both in terms of lifespan and environmental impact.

At Boele Fire Protection, we supply various types of underground water supplies from the Tubao brand for new construction projects.

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